poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2012

Digging Piotr Dudek's Crates (Part 1 - LP's)

It was a long time since our last post. But we're back and it's massive. Descarga, cumbia, tamborito, charanga, psych, pachanga etc. from Colombia, Panama, Ecuador and Norway (sic!).

We're lucky enough here at Estropical to share our home town (Kraków) with an extraordinary salsa vieja DJ and heavy guaguanco maniac - Piotr Dudek. After month of trying i finally got to meet the guy and dig through his crates. He's collection is impressive as he visits the carribean (mainly Panama) on a regular basis to feed his vinyl addiction. Luckily enough he was willing to swap a few of his records - and sell a few more. Here is a taste of what i found among his LPs (i'll post 45s set soon).


  Digging Piotr Dudek's Crates (Part 1 - LP's) by estropical

 ps. one more good news - he's on ebay: http://myworld.ebay.com/ingenio604

środa, 11 kwietnia 2012

Descarga Estropical

This is a quick mash up / remix / edit of Descarga Cubana track by Israel Chacao López using a break from Lo Ultimo En La Avenida track by Ismael Rivera Con Kako Y Su Orquesta.

poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012

El Pajarillo

Here it is - another version of a great venezuelan folksong - El Pajarillo. This time it's from "venezuelan most popular orchestra": Billo's Caracas Boys.

Billo's Caracas Boys - El Pajarillo by estropical

As a reminder i'm also reposting the other, more "progressive" version from our crate - by Aldemaro Romero:

El Fabuloso Aldemaro y su Onda Nueva - Pajarillo by estropical

As a bonus here are a few youtube digs, for 2 more spects of the song. Straight venezuelan folklroic instrumental:

... and one with a focus on the venezuelan cuatro work solely:

and a Early Music take, by renowned Jordi Savall:

ps. if u ever come by some interesting version of the song - do shere it with us - we're curious...

Lebron Brothers

Here is a nice lil' track from famous Labron Brothers from NYC

In 1971 Jose LeBron did something that changed everything. He composed '"SALSA Y CONTROL" giving Latin music a name: "SALSA". Up until then the mambo, son montuno, guaracha, guaguanco, cha cha cha etc. had no genre. "SALSA Y CONTROL" finally gave this music a name that is now known and acknowledged worldwide.
Many have tried to take credit for giving Salsa it´s name, but those who follow this music in ernest, know that it was Jose LeBron and THE LeBron BROTHERS, with the song ¨SALSA Y CONTROL¨ who are responsible.
@ wiki

... well its not actually Salsa y Control track that im posting below - i'm not a huge fan of the song - but there is a nice track on this LP that i would like to put in the spotlight - the very last one from the LP - Sabor Tipico

Lebron Brothers - Sabor Tipico by estropical

Son Cartagena

Son Cartagena LP is one of my favourite record from those that i brought from Colombia. It has a big driving sound - heavy on bass, perfect for dancefloor. The whole LP is a total banger from start to finish - which happens not so very frequently to be honest. The main force behind the band are the native gaita (also known as kuisi) flutes - idigenous to atlantic cost of colombia and panama. Their erliest use can be traced to the mountain slopes of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Most of the time the flutes are played in pairs - there is a male and female gaita - one leading one backing - they differ from one another with amount of finger holes. Gaita is an overtone flute - similar to the slovak fujara (sic!) and other overtone flutes of the region.

Here are a couple of tracks from the LP - i hope some label gonna re-release this gem one day.

Son Cartagena by estropical